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cheero Powermix 6000 mAh CHE-098

cheero Powermix 6000 mAh CHE-098

 cheero Powermix 6000 mAh CHE-098 có độ mỏng 15mm, trọng lượng chỉ 180g kích thước tương đương với điện thoại iPhone X. Sử dụng cực kỳ tiện lợi trong các hoạt động hay di chuyển bên ngoài. 

Mã SP : CHE-098
Bảo hành:  12 tháng
Trạng thái: Còn hàng

Giá bán:

990.000 vnđ

Compact and chic body

Thinness 15mm, weight is only 180g It is the same size feel as iPhoneX. It is thin and light, so it's easy to carry ♪ When 
traveling, commuting, going out is a big success without any mistake! A matte texture that is comfortable to the touch with familiar chic black with a sense of quality. It is designed to be used regardless of age and gender.

Qi certified + safe protection technology

Qi certified + safe protection technology

Protection function is equipped with overcurrent, overvoltage, overdischarge, overcharge protection function / short protection function, emphasis on safety. Of course, it is a Qi certified acquired product. Besides wireless charging, you can charge various smartphones and tablets from the USB output port.






Two units can be charged simultaneously with wireless and USB!

Two units can be charged simultaneously with wireless and USB!

With two output ports, two units can be charged simultaneously. This product has a USB output port, it is possible to charge two simultaneously with one USB charge and one wireless charging. (At the time of simultaneous charging, the maximum output total 5 V / 2.1 A) 
Since it comes with a non- slip seal, it is possible to give a more stable feeling by sticking it at the position of your choice.





AUTO-IC function

AUTO-IC function

When charging from USB port, AUTO-IC function which recognizes connected device automatically is installed! Apply optimum current (maximum 2.1 A) for each device.

Inspection standards of Japanese manufacturers

Inspection standards of Japanese manufacturers

It adopts only cells that have cleared our own strict inspection standards and ensures safety through thorough inspection such as design check of the board by quality control personnel. 
Of course, it has an automatic stop function when overcharging, overdischarging, shorting, and heat generation are installed. Please use with confidence.



product name cheero Powermix 6000 mAh
Model number CHE-098
Battery capacity 6000 mAh 3.6 V (21.6 Wh) lithium ion
input USB Type-C: 5 V / 2.4 A max.

① USB Type-A: 5 V / 2.1 A max. (With Auto-IC function) 
② Wireless: 5 V / 1A max.

Main unit charging time About 3.5 hours
Dimensions (Body) About 70 x 150 x 15 mm
Weight (main body) Approximately 180 g
Body specification Indicator (4 steps)
Main function

①Wireless output function 

②AUTO - IC function 
Automatically detects the connected device and feeds the optimum current at the maximum of 2.1A. 

③ Automatic stop function Automatic stop function 
at the time of overcharging (voltage / current), over discharge ( 
short circuit ) at over discharge (voltage / current) , heating ( 

Automatic stop function at completion of device charging * Not available models.

Compatible models Various types of iPhone, iPod, iPad 
· USB Type - C / micro USB compatible smartphone / tablet / PC 
· Wi - Fi router 
* Wireless charging is wireless charging compatible only
accessories USB type-A to Type-C cable operation 
manual for main body charging , warranty card (1 year warranty), anti-slip seal

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