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Balo Targus TSB924GL DrifterTour Multi-fit dành cho Laptop 15.6"

Balo Targus TSB924GL DrifterTour Multi-fit dành cho Laptop 15.6"
Mã SP : TSB924GL-70
Bảo hành:  24 tháng
Trạng thái: Còn hàng

Giá bán:

2.290.000 vnđ

 Targus DrifterTour Multi-fit 15.6” Backpack, Dark Grey

The daily grind meets its match with this sturdy backpack that’s designed to haul your tech gear and office essentials everywhere life takes you. It’s well-organized on the interior and weather-resistant on the exterior for device protection from work to gym to home and back again.

    • Multi-Fit laptop cradle.
    • Comfortable hinged shoulder straps and air flow back panel.
    • Weather-resistant durable base.
    • Both sides – Mesh pockets, suitable for small storage, water bottles and umbrellas.
    • Reflective accents for increased visibility.
    • Printed on recycled paper. Backpack body material constructed with 70% recycled materials.
    • Durable and Comfortable – Made for your journey.


Sports Utility Backpack – High capacity meets rugged looks for a league of versatile backpacks that are tough enough to stand up to your daily commutes and weekend excursions. They pack in well-organized compartments, durable hardware. And device protection with plenty of room for your gear.


     Brand: Targus

Model: TSB910AP

Color: Dark Grey

Carrying Options: Shoulder Strap

Laptop Compatible Size: UP to 15.6”

Exterior Dimension: 12.99” x 5.51” x 18.50” (33 x 14 x 47cm)

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Mã SP: TSB924GL-70
Giá: 2.290.000 vnđ